Who Will Remain Invulnerable ?

nbaNational Basketball Association.  Different teams , different players , different coaches but has the same intentions , to be the Best of the Best. Here is my top 5 list of the NBA teams that has the talents and superb skills in winning and be the Champions in the league.

spursSAN ANTONIO SPURS , the Defending Champion of the last Season. Known for their smooth and rhythmic passing and incredible teamwork. Can Spurs maintain their flawless passing and shooting prowess ? They should remain stable and hardworking for them to earn another Spot in the Playoffs. LIZZDODIZZ SPURS ! :D.

miamiMIAMI HEAT , the Runner-up of the last Season. With Lebron James missing in their line-up , can Heat survive and surpass the obstacles in their way through the Playoffs ? Or they will just stumble and fall in the days to come?


CLEVELAND CAVALIERS , a team having three of the most versatile players in the NBA . Kyrie Irving , Kevin Love and Lebron James. Can Cav’s find their chemistry and rhythm inside the court ? Or King James will again suffer another frustrating defeat in his career.

lakers-wallpaperLOS ANGELES LAKERS , Kobe Bryant is back ! Unfortunately , he’s not the old Black Mamba that we knew that can carry his team and can make clutch moments in the game. Because of his injury , his game play changed , his team is now on a losing streak. But , can Lakers bounce back and find their rhythm ? Or they will remain in the bottom and miss again another Playoffs?


GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS , the Underdogs in this game. Having the best record in the Season , with 13 winning streak , can the Warriors continue their flawless performance and take a Spot in the Playoffs ? It’s nice to see another teams step up and compete with the veterans in the League. They have the confidence and the heart of a warrior.

Let’s sit back and relax and wait for the results . This will be fun and exciting ! Keep Calm and Spurs will dominate again :D.


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